R. (Rukiye) Deniz

Rukiye assists private individuals and entrepreneurs (from abroad) with immigration law issues. As a former EU law lecturer, Rukiye has a special affinity with EU law. For example, Rukiye offers guidance to third-country nationals (persons with a non-European nationality) who have an EU right of residence because of a relationship with a Union citizen or because of descent. She has a lot of experience with complex cases in which someone has been issued with an entry ban for example. Rukiye also helps many people whose EU right of residence has been terminated. That may accur for different reasons.  

Rukiye also assists many migrant workers. Other matters such as family reunifications and withdrawal of a residence permit are also a part of Rukiye's specialism. She is specialized in all aspects of immigration law. This means that she also has extensive experience with asylum and immigration detention.

Not only individuals, but also many entrepreneurs are helped by Rukiye with the application for a residence permit. Think of Dutch entrepreneurs who want to employ foreign employees, start-ups and other entrepreneurs.


Rukiye has been working in the field of immigration law since 2012. For example, in 2012 Rukiye joined an NGO based in Ankara. At the beginning of 2016 she started working at a law firm and in 2019 Rukiye worked as a voluntary asylum lawyer on Lesvos (with ELIL, European Lawyers in Lesvos). Since March 2020 she has her own law firm.

Clients with a migration background also regularly experience problems in the field of social security law. For that reason, Rukiye also helps her clients with problems in the field of the “Participatiewet” (social assistance benefits) and civic integration, what we call in Dutch “inburgering” (DUO matters).

If you can't afford a lawyer: that's no problem! Since Rukiye is specialized, she can apply for legal aid in immigration cases and social security law cases. 

Rukiye is a member of the Association of Asylum Lawyers and Jurists in the Netherlands (VAJN) and the Specialists Association of Migration Law Lawyers (SVMA).

Behorend bij artikel 35b, eerste lid, van de Regeling op de advocatuur heeft mr. R. Deniz in het rechtsgebiedenregister van de Nederlandse orde van advocaten de volgende hoofd- (en sub) rechtsgebieden geregistreerd:

Asiel- en vluchtelingenrecht, Sociaal-zekerheidsrecht & Vreemdelingenrecht.

Op grond van deze registratie is zij verplicht elk kalenderjaar volgens de normen van de Nederlandse orde van advocaten voldoende opleidingspunten te behalen op ieder geregistreerd hoofdrechtsgebied.


Feel free to contact Rukiye to look at the possibilities. Rukiye was raised multilingual so she can communicate in several languages.

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