Driving licence confiscated?

Has your driving licence been confiscated?

Did you drove (just) too fast on your motorbike or in your car? Or did you underestimate the amount of alcohol and drove anyway? These circumstances may result in your driving licence being confiscated for several months. If, after being stopped by the police, it is decided to confiscated your licence, the public prosecutor must make a decision within 10 days on whether you will get your licence back, and if not, for how long your licence will be confiscated.

Are you dependent on your driver's licence due to your work or personal circumstances, for example? Then it is advisable to file a reasoned complaint with the court under Section 164 of the Dutch Road Traffic Act. RAMNUN & DENIZ Advocaten can prepare and submit the notice of complaint to the court on your behalf.

Do you also have to subsequently appear before the court (summons) or be interviewed by the public prosecutor (punishment order)? In that case, too, you can contact RAMNUN & DENIZ Advocaten for help & advice.

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