The penalisation for violent offences can be found starting from Article 300 of the Dutch Penal Code. Further on in the Code, you will find the more serious variants such as: aggravated assault. There may also be situations in which group violence occurs, for instance while going out or during football events. Such situations are referred to as overt violence, which is separately punishable in Article 141 of the Dutch Penal Code. If you are suspected of a violent crime, it is in your interest to consult a specialised lawyer.

By acting quickly and seeking advice on the strategy to follow, it is possible that even in cases where there is a chance of conviction, gains can be made by clearly presenting the personal circumstances to the court. By substantiating this properly, the court can take it into account in the final sentencing.

Individuals suspected of group violence often make the comment that they were merely there and therefore innocent. Keep in mind that even in this type of situation, you can still be convicted. Therefore, contact RAMNUN & DENIZ Advocaten in an early fase and get advice.

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