Drugs (Opium Act)

Have you been arrested in connection with possession of or trafficking in narcotics?

Or have you been arrested in connection with the possession or trafficking of drugs? Has a hemp nursery or drug lab been found in your home or business? These types of offences are punishable under the Dutch Opium Act. It is advisable to hire a criminal lawyer who is knowledgeable in this area. Engaging a lawyer in time to defend your interests is important because he can properly inform you about your (legal) position and the possible strategy to follow.

Are you suspected of importing (large quantities of) narcotics or of manufacturing them? Have you been arrested as a result of encryption services cracked by the police? Then keep in mind that in those situations, in many cases the prosecutor also suspects you of having participated in a criminal organisation.

Participation in this is separately punishable under Section 140 of the Dutch Penal Code and is criminally aggravated. In such situations, always contact RAMNUN & DENIZ Advocaten for confidential consultations.

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