Money laundering

The prosecution is cracking down on individuals and companies suspected of (facilitating) money laundering. They call this 'ondermijning' and state that it is a major problem within our society. The prosecution's ever-increasing focus on tackling money laundering schemes has led to an increase in money laundering cases.

Money laundering cases are in mostly led by the FIOD (Investigation service of the Dutch Tax Authorities) and are extensive and complex. When money laundering is suspected, you can also speak of a "reversed burden of proof". This means that instead of the prosecution proving your guilt, you have to prove your own innocence.

This is assessed on the basis of the Supreme Court's so-called 'step judgment'. Situations arise where the prosecution asks you to proceed to answer the questions that follow from the step-by-step judgment. Your answers will then become part of the case file. In case of incomplete or unverifiable statements, there is a chance that this may harm your interests and criminal case.

With such suspicions, it is also common for the prosecution to seize goods, monies and also real estate. You can file a complaint against this at the court. Money laundering cases have a longer processing time, partly due to their complexity and scope. It is therefore important to contact a specialised lawyer in time.

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